How To Take A Screen Shot on Any Device

Hey — It’s Uncle Tommy

Welcome to my first annual EASTER EGG HUNT! I hope we all have lots of fun! 

The rules are simple. All you gotta do is find the Easter Egg somewhere on the site and snap a photo of it. (On a phone or computer, they call it a “screen shot” )

And since I aint the most technical guy in the world, I figured that at least SOMEONE else was like me, and might need a little refresher on how to do that.

So, check out the video below on how to take a screen shot: 

(Also, MAKE SURE to scroll down BELOW the video :wink wink:)

Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy!

Who came up with that? I mean, squeezing lemons isn’t the easiest thing in the world… Takes some real grip strength, and usually leaves a sticky mess on the counter.

Taking a screen shot is definitely MUCH easier, as you just saw above. 

Happy Huntin’!