Do Good Vibes or Nice Dreams Break a Fast?

Hey kids – Uncle Tommy with a quick update:

One of the cousins sent over this cool question the other day…

Hi Tommy,

I’ve been using your “Nice Dreams” and “Good Vibes” for a few months now. I fast quite a bit and was wondering if either one of the products that I use break the fast.


~ Kevin S., Fortuna CA

That’s a great question, Kevin.

Believe it or not, I can actually answer this one without Dr. Clark’s help. (I know, there’s hope for me yet…)

‘Cause I fast from time to time for health and spiritual reasons too. 

[Quick Note about my info/advice… I’m NOT A DOCTOR. (obviously). And Dr. Clark is a doctor, but he’s not YOUR doctor… That means he doesn’t know your history or your specific health info… So he would NEVER give out medical advice over the internet. So, the info below is just my personal opinion based on my experience and lots of reading and research over the years. If you’re interested in fasting for your health, my advice is to Talk to your doctor about it. You heard it here first…]

So you ask, “Will taking either of the products break your fast?”

Well, it kinda depends on what you consider a fast… (I promise, this is a real answer)

See, some folks won’t drink coffee or tea during their fasting window. They’ll only drink clear water. I mean, they won’t even add a few squirts of freshly squeezed lemon juice! 

And some people actually do something called “DRY” fasting. 

Which calls for not drinking any kind of fluids — including water — (Uncle Tommy does not recommend this type of fast. I think it’s too over the top… but to each their own…)

On the flip side…

My doctor told me that a medical fast is essentially a fast from protein. Which is what most people do for health reasons. (Causes something called ‘autophagy’) — There’s the word you should google if you wanna read up on the potential health benefits of fasting.

So, some fasting experts do allow you to have a bit of natural sugar to offset light-headedness and that kind of thing.

So you see, it really comes down to your definition of a FAST. 

For me personally, a fast is avoiding calories altogether! 

The good news is, there ain’t any calories in Good Vibes and Nice Dreams if you’re only taking one or two droppers full (Which Dr. Clark recommends…)

‘Cause there are ZERO calories in the flavoring … L-phenylalanine … Taurine … Vitamins … Caffeine … Stevia Leaf Extract … and Nano CBD.

So yeah, everything in our 2-step protocol is calorie FREE

BUT since it tastes good, some folks believe that taking Good Vibes AND Nice Dreams would break their fast.  

My point is, it really comes down to what your definition of fasting is?

Here’s a quick rundown of the different kinds of fasts: (My son says they call this a TLDR — too long, didn’t read — In my day, we just called it a summary…) :

Fasting from protein only: Good Vibes and Nice Dreams contain no protein, so they don’t break your fast.

Water Fasting (Fasting from ALL Calories): Good Vibes and Nice Dreams contain no calories and don’t break your fast.

STRICT water fasting (Nothing but CLEAR water): Good Vibes and Nice Dreams are mostly water, but they do contain flavoring, amino acids and micronutrients and vitamins. So they probably break your fast.

Dry Fasting: Good Vibes and Nice Dreams obviously contain liquid and would break your fast.
(Technically, you DON’T have to swallow them. You can leave them under your tongue for 30-60 seconds and then spit the rest out, not swallowing anything and still get the full benefit. Kind of like brushing your teeth while fasting… Still water in your mouth, but it’s up to you to decide what counts.)

Fasting for religious or spiritual reasons: Kind of your call on this one. It’s not food and doesn’t contain calories… But they DO taste good (in my opinion) so it’s your call on whether they count as an indulgence. 

Hope you found this helpful.

As always…

Peace and love,

[Last Note: Everything above was about Good Vibes and Nice Dreams only… Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains MCT Oil which has fat and calories. And our gummies are made with gelatin (protein) and sugar… Both of these break a fast under most definitions.] 

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